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The outsourcing of IT services has become a tried and very popular opportunity in recent years for saving time and money. In the meantime, not only large or internationally operating companies benefit from the principle of outsourced IT systems, but also small and medium-sized enterprises.


To make the right decision

Outsourcing is particularly useful if the components to be outsourced do not require any business-specific internal know-how. However, it can be critical if components that prescribe business-related competencies are outsourced. Then there is the danger of slow reaction times and delayed solution of problems. Customers are quickly dissatisfied and in the worst case even get lost. If, however, the required framework parameters and interfaces are established, even the outsourcing of these components can be possible and meaningful.

Allow for the right decision in this important field by performing an outsourcing potential analysis to evaluate applications and systems accordingly.


Q2factory – Your partner in outsourcing potential analysis

  • Q2factory supports system and platform independent software selection. We offer:
  • Proven approach to system selection
  • Moderation of selection workshops
  • Predefined questions catalogs for system selection
  • Analysis and evaluation of system partners

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