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On the way to the networked world

At a rapid pace, digitalization has been introduced in recent years. The development leaps are enormous. Technologies, which were hardly imaginable until recently, are entering the daily life. Developments from the consumer sector are also becoming more and more important for industrial customers.

While the focus in recent years has been on the functional optimization of individual areas, today the networking and provision of information from a wide range of application areas is at the forefront.


Integration is the key

Nowadays, it is no longer a question of transferring analogously existing data into digital - this step has already taken place - but to make the data available in digital form accessible from various system environments integrated. The focus is on cross-departmental process integration. The individual skills are often still available on isolated systems and in different areas. This presents challenges for companies and many IT consultations.


Q²factory – Your partner for DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION

Q²factory offers you support on the way to digitalization:

  • We advise you on a system-independent and process-oriented approach
  • We see ourselves as architects of a complete solution that combines a wide range of systems, departments and processes
  • We offer a standardized approach to the need analysis and step-by-step implementation for digitization projects

Your contact person

Holger Petersen
+49 (89) 412 09 85-0

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